FCC Reveals Proposed E-rate Program Updates

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) today issued a Public Notice revealing E-rate program reform actions under consideration by the agency. The Public Notice requests input from stakeholders, with comments due by April 7, and reply comments due by April 21.

The Public Notice seeks specific comment on:

- Restoring discounts for on-campus broadband connectivity, and doing so in an equitable manner for all eligible schools and libraries.
- A one-time targeted surge of support for schools and libraries that lag behind in broadband connectivity to their facilities.
- A reduction, or lower prioritization, of support for analog telephone services.
- Further ideas for well-defined, time-limited demonstration projects to achieve cost savings and innovation within the E-rate program.

During a free webinar on March 13, Funds For Learning CEO John D. Harrington will discuss the latest news and analysis related to the future of the E-rate program.

For more information and to register for the free online event, visit the edWeb registration page.