Graphing Calculator Displays Equations, Graphs Together

Casio America, Inc has re-introduced its ClassPad fx-CP400 graphing calculator, which includes a high resolution 4.8 inch touch-panel LCD and the ability to display both equations and graphs at the same time. The fx-CP400 can also switch from a vertical view to a horizontal view, which is convenient for displaying long mathematical formulas on a single line. .

Casio also redesigned the fx-CP400’s software keyboard, with keys that slope down from bottom to top, which helps the user avoid input errors. It also includes the Casio’s Computer Algebra System (CAS), which has a stylus for pen touch operations, allowing users to input all their mathematical data by using the keyboard below the screen and then use the stylus on the touch screen to drag and drop the formulas into graphs and charts.

The ClassPad fx-CP400 is currently available for an MSRP of $149 at