Today's Newsletter: The New Education Gold Rush

It’s like 1997 all over again. But instead of selling books and pet food OVER THE INTERNET, edtech looks to be the next big IT investor buzzword. The Silicon Valley Business Journal calls it, “A new education gold rush”: “Gamified mobile apps, all manner of e-books and classroom analytics tools are just a few of the business models attracting venture capital dollars in the $5.4 billion K-12 education technology industry.” Justin Reich in Education Week has his own take on the topic: “I think it definitely may be possible that there are edtech start-ups and investors who genuinely believe that everything is different now and technology can transform learning if we just have the right flashcard app or way to text message parents. But I also suspect that when the Fed changes rates, most of these folks will be gone.“ Much like 1997, I expect many of these edtech will rise then fall, but hope there will be at least one or two Amazons to survive and flourish. —Kevin Hogan, Editorial Director