Today's Newsletter: How to Search the Web Effectively

At Tech Forum Chicago last week, one of the issues that came up was the fact that since the Web has been with us for more than 20 years, much is taken for granted. One of the biggest neglected skills taught is how to search the Web effectively since “everyone knows how to use Google” (or insert another favorite search engine here). You can help your students (and teachers) by pointing them to resources like Google’s guide to search engine operators or their Advanced Search page. How to Geek provides similar tips for using Bing. Once you’ve mastered the basics, start learning about the “Deep Web” resources available, such as Open Source Internet Resources, the WWW Virtual Library catalog of Web resources, or Google’s DeeperWeb search engine. Your school community will soon learn they can yield far better search results if they do more than “just Google it." - Steven M. Baule, Ed.D, Ph.D. Superintendent of North Boone CUSD 200, IL