21st-Century Classroom Report

CDW-G’s 21st-Century Classroom Report is a national survey of more than 1,000 high school students, faculty, and IT professionals, finds that the more things change in educational technology, the more they stay the same. The second annual CDW-G 21st-Century Classroom Report, released today, finds faculty and IT professionals more widely accept new technologies in the classroom. However, just as with last year’s survey, students still say schools are not meeting their technology expectations.

Key findings of the 21st-Century Classroom Report include:

  • Faculty members envision a new classroom equipped with wireless Internet, interactive whiteboards, and digital content. A year ago, faculty limited must-have technology to wired Internet, teacher computing devices, and LCD projectors
  • High school students, faculty, and IT staff overwhelmingly agree that technology skills are vital to students’ futures. Yet only 46 percent of faculty members regularly assign homework that requires use of technology. Despite this, nearly all students (94 percent) say they use technology to study or work on assignments at home
  • Districts are introducing digital content carefully. Eleven percent of high schools are using digital content today, and 62 percent are considering it. Faculty say digital content will offer better access to information, including the ability to access multiple sources from a single device
  • 65 percent of districts plan investments in classroom technology over the next two years