Web-Based Reading Program Offers Guarantee of Student Success in Reading

Literacy publisher MindPlay, Inc. introduced a new upgraded version of its reading curriculum for grades K-12, MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach® (MVRC). All stories within the Web-based MVRC are now assigned Lexile® ratings by MetaMetrics®. The program is now completely cloud-based and works on all computer platforms. Two new reading instruction modules were added for Comprehension and Grammar as an aid to reading and writing.

MindPlay guarantees schools that 90 percent of students will gain at least two grade-levels of improvement in reading when using MVRC four days a week for 30 minutes each day, or MindPlay will refund their purchase.

Four modules are updated and two are new:

1. Phonemic Awareness includes instruction on the blending of sounds into words and segmentation of words into their individual sounds.

2. Phonics instruction is differentiated for sound-symbol relationships, long and short vowels, consonant digraphs, diphthongs, blends, syllable types, Latin and Greek roots.

3. The Vocabulary module includes over 30,000 words. Seven learning activities help students work on listening vocabulary skills.

4. Grammar for Meaning uses parts of speech to teach students how sentences are constructed for meaning. Students learn not to skip words when reading and to understand the function of each word, by encouraging them to form pictures in their minds. Pre and post testing of grammar skills from this module is also new and now active.

5. Fluency aims to boost silent reading speed while ensuring proficient reading comprehension. Each student begins the module with text slightly below their diagnosed reading grade level to comfortably ease into the program. S

6. The Comprehension module, the second of the two new instructional modules added to MVRC, directly teaches almost 40 different reading comprehension skills and strategies.

MVRC is available online now. For information and ordering, schools and districts can visit MindPlay at www.mindplay.com, or education resellers. Schools can purchase for $299 per student per year. More purchase options are available.