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GORILLAdigital Releases KONGcart 2000 AV Cart

GORILLAdigital Releases KONGcart 2000 AV Cart

GORILLAdigital has released its flagship product, the KONGcart 2000, a patented audio-visual cart for today’s classrooms.

The KONGcart is designed to accommodate a projector, a document camera, a tablet or laptop, and a sound system. This allows teachers to face their students and project to the rear of the classroom without the glare from the projector getting in their eyes. In addition, the KONGcart can adjust from 29” to 42” while in use. This allows primary-grade teachers to sit down while teaching, so they can maintain eye contact with their students.

The company also announced the release of two other products developed for the education space. The MONKEYmount 280 is an all-in-one universal mounting product that serves as a stand-alone solution for tablets.

The APEcase is an iPad case with a wireless keyboard. The patent-pending design has detachable keyboard and iPad with a kickstand.