IT Solution With Automated Link Protection Announced

Data migration is a complex process that can pose several risks for companies, including unforeseen cost overruns and extensive system downtime. LinkTek Corporation, provider of data migration software that automates the management and repair of file links, has released LinkFixer Advanced, software that finds and fixes broken links in an organization’s file types, so that migrations and file system reorganizations can be completed without the loss of data caused by broken file links.

Several types of data migrations and other situations that cause file links to break:

1. Migrations due to upgrading or adding new computer hardware — for example, moving data (files and folders) from a legacy hardware system to a new one.

2. Migrations due to changing the Operating System(OS) on the organization’s network servers — for example, from Novell to Windows.

3. Migration of data from one’s production network into Network Attached Storage (NAS) or Storage Area Network (SAN).

4. Data Migration into a Document Management System (DMS), such as OpenText and Documentum.

5. Migration of files and folders into Microsoft’s SharePoint, either when initially moving into SharePoint or when upgrading from an older to a newer version of SharePoint.

6. Implementing Distributed File System (DFS), which manages files and folders across multiple computers.

7. Folder restructuring, renaming folders or moving folders to new locations.

8. Repathing files or folders. This often occurs when someone moves files or folders without realizing that many of the files in those folders have links to other files, thus inadvertently breaking links, causing data to be missing from the files containing the links.

LinkTek’s LinkFixer Advanced software consists of several automated functions that identify, preserve, maintain and repair links.

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