HMH to Unveil Digital Instruction App at ISTE 2014

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) today unveiled HMH Player, a new app that enables offline access to content, allows teachers and students to collaborate in real time, and offers the opportunity to enhance HMH content through customization tools.

Designed for iPad and Google Chrome, HMH Player gives teachers the ability to customize lessons and content with drag-and-drop functionality. Teachers can integrate open source resources such as YouTube videos, online news articles and other consumable media into daily lessons, then share with colleagues and students. The app also provides teachers with real-time data collection that enables analysis by student, by grade, by class, or by standard. Teachers can send directions, notes, and immediate feedback to the whole class or individual students. They can also set up virtual study groups and activities that foster synergy amongst students and classes.

Offline access and automatic syncing provide students with the ability to extend learning beyond the traditional school day.

Incorporating the adaptive technology of HMH partner Knewton, HMH Player will give automatic feedback on how students are progressing against their own expected performance, and in later versions, that of others in their class, school and district.

To learn more about HMH Player, visit YouTube or visit