Social Media in Schools Debate Continues

Who doesn’t like a good flame war? Scott McLeod and Annie Murphy Paul have a good one going right now on the use of social media in school. The back and forth stems from Paul’s post on the Hechinger Report last week called “Why schools’ efforts to block the Internet are so laughably lame.” Here’s the nut: “What is predictable is that young people, given the chance, will use the web for social and entertainment purposes; what’s practical is to remove that temptation during the school day.” McLeod’s response on his blog Dangerously Irrelevant: “This article misses the point. It’s fear mongering that feeds the misbegotten ‘kids these days are bad’ narratives that are so prevalent in older generations. It’s yet another example of ‘we’re not knowledgeable enough to think of any useful ways to utilize these tools so let’s just block them.’” What's your take? Leave a comment below. —Kevin Hogan, Content Director