Today's Newsletter: MOOCs get murdered

Well, that was quick. It hasn’t been two years since the term MOOC was added to the edtech lexicon and now people are calling for it to be buried. The Atlantic online has some harsh words for both MOOCs and edtech in general. The nut: “Software might be good at categorizing and organizing knowledge, but it's not so good at synthesizing and applying knowledge in the creative, and often highly contextualized and personalized, ways that educators and educational leaders have to employ every day.” Wired also performs a MOOC autopsy: “In the future, MOOCs have the potential to completely transform education. However, as of right now, don’t expect to see universities shutting down as a result, as some experts have begun projecting.” I say chill out. The success of MOOCs will come once educators figure out the best way to implement the technology, not Silicon Valley. —Kevin Hogan, Content Director