Instructional Program for Math, ELA Found to be Comprehensive

New evaluations of Common Core Coach find the program creates a comprehensive instructional program for math and English language arts (ELA) classes, according to research by educators.

Maureen McSparran Ruby, supervisor of professional learning and career management for New London Public Schools in Connecticut, compiled a review of Common Core Coach ELA, which confirmed the program creates a formative assessment system for teachers and prepares students for college and career readiness benchmarks as described by the Common Core State Standards.

Dr. Paul Gray, a member of the Texas Council of Teachers of Mathematics, compiled an evaluation of Common Core Coach for Math. The findings determined it offers specific instructional strategies teachers can implement to help students learn important math concepts and skills.

More information regarding the findings from the Common Core Coach evaluations is available in new whitepapers for Common Core Coach for Math, “Instructional Strategies that Build Mathematical Proficiencies,” and Common Core Coach ELA, “Providing Assessment-Driven Differentiated Instruction in Reading and Writing.”