Today's Newsletter: Weekend Reading - The Bright Future of Edtech

Found a few items of good news during the edtech weekend reading, which can only help on Monday morning. Michael Horn from the Christensen Institute makes the case for blended learning in his most recent piece on “In almost every case, the schools that are getting it right are focused on the problem they are trying to solve and designing an instructional model first. Then they add the technology to support that model, rather than leading with technology for technology’s sake.” Scientific American sees promise with another emerging buzzword—adaptive learning: “Although adaptive learning technologies are still in their infancy, they are already displaying huge promise. The idea is to tailor the teaching process to each student's progress. As the tools develop, adaptive learning will bring seismic shifts to the instruction process.” And there is a BBC report on Africa’s first homegrown tablet computer. Have any good news to share? Tweet me @techlearning. —Kevin Hogan, Content Director