Today's Newsletter: What E-Rate Really Means

While the big picture ramifications of the FCC’s E-Rate changes are significant, the politics and particulars of how and where and to whom funding trickles is not the most pressing day-to-day issue for educators. Another way to frame the discussion with a bit more urgency may be to ask: “When will there be Wifi in my classroom?” Edgenuity CEO Sari Factor penned a call to arms on a few weeks ago: “If we demand accountability for schools and if we are serious about preparing students to compete globally, we must invest in the necessary tools to help them succeed, starting with the basic online infrastructure that is so fundamental that it’s taken for granted across all other industries.” Students in Braintree, MA this week appealed directly to the school board, according to the And school buses in Iowa are now wired for wireless. Do you have WiFi in your school? If not, when will you get it? —Kevin Hogan, Content Director