Today's Newsletter: How to wire rural schools?

I had the opportunity to attend 2014 SETDA Education Forum this week in Arlington, VA, which brings together the top state-level edtech administrators from across the country to powwow. As we were well within the Beltway, most topics were discussed within the context of E-Rate2.0 —more specifically, who will get what money when. One big aspect of the policy changes involves what the government defines as a rural district. This Edweek piececlarifies some of the complexities. FCC Chairman Wheeler himself has prioritized what he referred to as the “rural fiber gap”— 75% of rural public schools today are unable to achieve the high-speed connectivity. I find this statistic both shocking and disturbing. Is this accurate? Are 2/3rds of our rural readers on dial-up? Expect to see Tech&Learning investigate in the coming months! —Kevin Hogan