Florida Partnership Brings Digital Curriculum to Rural Districts

A new initiative, designed to help rural districts ensure that teachers and students have access to high-quality digital content, is underway in Florida. The Florida Regional Consortium Program, developed through a partnership with Learning.com and Florida Department of Education (DOE), will provide standards-aligned digital content and tools to a large contingent of rural schools at no cost. Three consortia – North East Florida Educational Consortium (NEFEC), Panhandle Area Educational Consortium (PAEC) and Heartland Educational Consortium – are eligible, and more than 235 schools have already enrolled in the program.

Learning.com will provide consortia members with Curriculum Foundry, a new solution that offers a searchable content repository and tools to build and share digital curriculum that aligns to state standards. Districts also have access to Learning.com’s digital literacy curriculum to ensure their students have the technology skills to succeed in a digital classroom.

For more information, visit Learning.com/florida.