SAS® Analytics Reduces Cost For Schools in 41 states

The Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC) will now facilitate SAS licenses and support, consulting and training to help educational institutions in areas such as enrollment and retention, budgeting, student data systems, and teaching and learning.

Through the agreement, member universities, schools and districts get SAS Analytics and consulting directly from SAS at a reduced, prenegotiated rate, reducing training costs by 60 percent.

K-12 schools and districts use SAS for data management and reporting, and to measure program effectiveness. SAS integrates data on budgets, classes, students and programs to give principals, teachers and district leaders the information they need to ensure instructional dollars are used effectively. SAS can also help states create, launch and manage state longitudinal data systems.

For additional information on the SAS-MHEC Master Price Agreement, including a detailed list of states and purchase eligibility, visit the SAS-MHEC microsite.