Lumens Introduces New Charging Carts to Educational Technology Market

Lumens™ Integration Inc. announces its new product family of charging, sync and storage carts to the educational technology market. The RHINO CT-C50 Charging Cart and the RHINO CT-S30 and CT-S50 Sync Carts support multiple portable devices in a 1:1 learning environment.

The RHINO CT-C50 Charging Cart will charge and store up to 42 portable devices; includes two external USB outlets, pull-out shelves and an optional tablet arm accessory.

The RHINO CT-S30 Sync Cart can sync information across 32 portable devices and the RHINO CT-S50 can sync 48 devices while storing them securely. An LED light indicator provides the sync status for each portable device slot.

The RHINO CT-C50 Charging Cart and the RHINO CT- S30 and CT-S50 Sync Carts will be available in January 2015.