Lake Oswego School District Embraces Data Visualization Platform

Administrators at Lake Oswego School District selected GuideK12’s cloud-based solution to enable district analysis and strategic planning with a geographic perspective.

ZipRealty named Lake Oswego Public Schools as a standout school district this past summer and a top performing school district that offers affordable housing. This honor sets the bar high for community members and brings with it anticipated growth and interest from prospective families. With growth and expansion comes difficult decisions for administrators regarding the best ways to expand.

GuideK12, geovisual analytics, allows a district to see its data with a new lens for resource placement, planning, and proactive decision-making.

“GuideK12 will help Lake Oswego address a number of challenges. It will allow us to look at the ideal location for special programs that meet student’s needs, help us better understand shifts in district demographics, analyze boundary scenarios and make it easier for parents to find information on assigned schools,” said Dr. Heather Beck, Lake Oswego’s new superintendent. “In the future I imagine using GuideK12 to share data with the community as it is much easier to see and understand data as a picture rather than charts or spreadsheets.”

GuideK12™ is a web-based platform that assists school and district leaders in solving educational challenges by visualizing data on an interactive map. Included in the GuideK12 suite of products is GuideK12 SchoolSearch, an address search tool for the community to find their assigned schools as well as more advanced customized search features for program selections.

The tool allows community members and realtors to confirm which school is associated with a home address and speeds up the process for realtors while reducing calls for the district.

“We are proud to partner with Lake Oswego as it leads the way in the Portland area with GuideK12. Dr. Beck embraces the importance of utilizing data to make more informed and supported decisions,” said GuideK12 CEO, Chuck Amos.