MindPlay Introduces Newly Branded Online Products for K-12 Students and Teachers

Literacy publisher MindPlay announced that is has created new corporate and product brands to reflect the full range of student ages that it now serves in K-12, through adult teacher learners.

Product names have been updated along with their individual brands and the MindPlay corporate brand. MindPlay’s suite of online-based reading products for K-12 students include RAPS 360, now called Universal Reading Screener; MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach; and FLRT®, now called MindPlay Reading Fluency. These are all aligned to Common Core State Standards, used by 42 states. The newest product released a couple months ago, MindPlay Teacher Companion, is the first in a series of online professional development products for reading and primary teachers authored by Drs. Nancy Mather and Blanche Podhajski.

Universal Reading Screener (RAPS 360) is a diagnostic reading assessment program that automatically tests and diagnoses basic reading skills and weaknesses for a single student, a classroom, the entire school or school district population.

MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach® is a web-based learn-to-read program for schools, backed with a guarantee of student success in reading.

MindPlay Reading Fluency (FLRT) for K-12 students is a personal trainer for silent reading that was updated last year for text complexity and to include comprehension.

MindPlay Teacher Companion is an online course that uses a combination of lectures, videos, written information, and activities, organized into eight modules to help teachers gain a more complete understanding of how the English language works and what every student needs to become a proficient reader.

For information, visit MindPlay at http://www.mindplay.com.