Today's Newsletter: Big Ideas to Wake You Up

Some mornings carry a heavy sense of déjà vu when reading stories on the Tech&Learning newsfeeds. Another school lockdown due to a vague social media threat or an awesome iPad app that will forever change the future of education are just two examples. Then there is an essay like “Degrees don’t matter anymore, skills do,” written by Michigan economics professor Miles Kimball, that shakes me awake. Just a couple of snippets: “Too much of our educational system, both at the K-12 level and in higher education, is built around the idea that some students are smart and others are dumb…In the end, none of this will be hard. The technology and content for that technology are already good and rapidly improving…When this transformation of education is complete, K-12 education will cost about the same as it does now, but will be two or three times as effective.”

What he said! Hope to bring Professor Kimball into our conversations in the next few weeks. —Kevin Hogan, Content Director