Today's Newsletter: Net Neutrality and Edtech

Some great insights being published on what the FCC’s decision on Net Neutrality will mean for edtech. First, a primer thanks to Lindsey Tepe, policy analyst in the Education Policy Program at New America, leans open: “It’s not hard to imagine an environment where the current dominant companies producing online educational materials could afford to pay ISPs for faster access to customers, leaving behind innovative new start-ups. Under such an arrangement, emerging new content providers would be at an extreme disadvantage.” Justin Reich at Edweek suggests what’s next: “Fortunately, the next step is safeguarding Net Neutrality is simple. The FCC should classify ISPs as Common Carriers, a designation that would require them to send everyone their bits at the samespeed. There is a long history of why they haven't, but from recent actions by the courts and this [bad] proposal from Wheeler, it's clear that this needs to be the next step.” Couldn’t find anyone in the education space anti-neutrality but I also don’t listen to Rushbo. If you know of one, please sent it to me! —Kevin Hogan, Content Director