Kansas Preschool Programs Using myIGDIs

To ensure young children are reaching achievement standards and school readiness goals, the Kansas Preschool Programs (KPP) are integrating structures necessary for implementing a Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS).

The Kansas MTSS framework is based on a systematic, evidence-based approach to curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices. Working within this framework, the Kansas Inservice Training System (KITS), a program of the Kansas University Life Span Institute at Parsons, initiated training to reinforce assessment, planning, and intentional instruction by the KPP.

At the core of the Kansas MTSS framework, is the identification of children who may need additional instructional support in the area of early literacy, beyond what the core curriculum provides. The myIGDIs assessments were selected to provide early childhood educators with ongoing universal screening and progress monitoring information useful for making instructional decisions for groups and/or individual children.