BETT Report #4 by Russell Dyas

BETT Report #4 by Russell Dyas

This is my last blog entry on BETT and it has been a fun few days. I have left a few exciting things for the end.

The one event I was really sad to miss was the fringe event TeachMeet. This informal and free event, which brings together some great minds of education in one room, is always a highlight whenever they are ran. I think the website says it best:

“You can come along to linger, loiter, contribute, chat, meet new people, or 'give a seven minute talk' or a 'two minute (nano) presentation'.
Rules for the talk:
It's only two/seven minutes long
Your setup is part of the seven minutes
No slideshows
No selling of products/services
Your talk must relate to classroom/learning experiences.”

Lucky for me and those not at BETT, they stream the events online. I encourage you to check out the recording at The next one in the USA at the moment is at ASCD in Orlando, Florida.

We also happened to see a Panasonic Toughbook designed for the UK health system being taken around to a number of stands and there is talk (but with no confirmation) that they are looking to put a redesigned model into the education market in the future.

Reallusion is showing the products CrazyTalk 5 and IClone3, which aims to bring the latest high end software to the humble PC. The CrazyTalk 5 software is designed to create animated puppetering. The amazing part of this program is you can import your own photos and animate the eyes, mouth and movement of the head. This software really does what it says on the tin. It brings animated puppetering to the masses. You no longer need the budgets and hardware of the big studios to create a believable production.
The second item of Reallusion’s showcased software is the iClone and again this software brings big studio animation ability to the humble PC. The software allows you to easily create 3D animations and like CrazyTalk Pro you follow a simple menu bar at top of the screen to create your animation.

The good thing about this and Crazytalk is that you can use the software in a very simple manner but at the same time create finished articles that look and feel very professional.

If you ever get a chance to attend a future BETT, you should. It’s a great place to look at new technology and to networking with colleagues from around the world.

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