New Cyberethics Module in the Intel Security Digital Safety Program Released

Discovery Education and Intel Security have released a new digital safety module for students ages 8-11 focusing on Cyberethics as part of the Intel® Security Digital Safety Program, a three-year national education initiative designed to teach children to make safer decisions when using the Internet. This new self-paced, interactive module will explore topics such as cyberbullying, plagiarism and the importance of creating a positive digital footprint.

  • Respecting Everyone Online – Students are reminded that the people they connect with online are real people with real feelings and reputations to protect and are introduced to the term cyberbullying
  • Respecting Others’ Online Property – Students may not be aware that it is unethical, and in some cases illegal, to take or download digital content that belongs to others without getting permission from or giving credit to the original owner.
  • Creating a Positive Digital Footprint - Students will learn the “dos” and “don’ts” for creating a positive digital footprint by being respectful of themselves and others online.

During the module, students will take a series of engaging formative assessments with a culminating summative assessment at the end. Once completed, they will receive a cyberethics certificate acknowledging they’ve completed the program and will act as a responsible digital citizen.

The program also offers educators standards-aligned resources, including self-paced lessons for use in the classroom.