Today's Newsletter: The SAT is dead! Long live the SAT!

Two of the most recognizable brands in education have struck a deal that should have a significant positive impact on how student testing and assessment evolves. Khan Academy began this week to offer free online test prep tools for the dreaded SAT. NPR reports that this partnership should “take a big bite out of the testprep-industrial complex, a multi-million dollar field that offers everything from $4,000 private tutoring courses to SAT prep shower curtains ... for $28.99, plus shipping.” Besides the opportunity to give all students an equal opportunity to prepare for this ultimate measuring stick, Wired’s Jason Tanz writes that it could also improve the test itself: “[this] points to a radical idea—that the best way to prepare for a test might be to master the material it purports to cover, rather than amassing a series of tricks and hacks around the act of test-taking.” It all seems like good news from here! —Kevin Hogan, Content Director