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School Districts in Wisconsin and Illinois Adopt Lexia Reading Core5

Districts in Illinois and Wisconsin have recently implemented the personalized instructional technology of Lexia Reading® Core5®.
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Districts in Illinois and Wisconsin have recently implemented the personalized instructional technology of Lexia Reading® Core5®.

Berwyn South School District 100 in Illinois deployed Lexia Reading Core5 across all elementary schools at the beginning of the 2014–15 school year.

“When we had the opportunity to implement Lexia with our district-wide Apple iPad® and MacBook® laptop program, we had no hesitation whatsoever,” said Colleen Cummings, director of special education at Berwyn South School District 100. “Our struggling readers needed a structured reading program like Lexia that applies proven research, science and methodologies to accelerate fundamental literacy skills acquisition. By providing our students with this relevant program for literacy, coupled with our 1:1 devices, we believe we now have all the right pieces in place so that learning never stops. And the data is echoing that fact.”

Mid-year results from Berwyn South School District 100 show progress among students who were categorized as high risk of not meeting end-of-year benchmarks. When they consistently met their personalized recommended minutes on the program, the number of at-risk students was reduced by more than half—from 32 percent to 15 percent between September 2014 and February 2015. “Our decision to add a more personalized approach to teaching is making a huge impact in helping each of our students become better readers,” said Cummings.

Lexia Reading Core5 is based on 30 years of educational research and designed to provide a personalized learning path for each student, including scaffolding and instruction that supports students if they struggle. Each of the 18 levels of skill-specific activities aligns to state standards, including the Common Core State Standards.

Joining Berwyn South as a 1:1 district using Lexia Reading Core 5 is West Allis-West Milwaukee School District in Wisconsin. Jill Ries, the district’s K-12 instructional services coordinator, decided to use Lexia Reading Core5 for all pre-K-5 students across the district because of the prescriptive nature of the system.

“Everyone benefits from using Lexia; above grade-level students get enrichment and our struggling readers get far more than a phonics or decoding program—they get a comprehensive tool that has all the right components for personalized learning and teacher-led instruction that drives substantial gains,” she said.

“We’re at an exciting place right now in education,” said Nick Gaehde, President of Lexia Learning. “We remain committed to enabling teachers to engage with students in ways previously not possible, while offering improved options for supporting students with a wide range of learning needs.” 



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School Districts in Wisconsin and Illinois Leverage Lexia Reading Core5 to Drive Literacy Gains as Part of Personalized Learning and 1:1 Initiatives

BOSTON (June 4, 2015) – To meet the demands of reaching higher levels of reading competency for students in grades pre-K–5, districts in Illinois and Wisconsin have chosen to implement the personalized instructional technology of Lexia Reading® Core5®.  The highly regarded program is quickly becoming an integral part of language arts blended learning models and 1:1 initiatives as more than 350 schools and districts in both states have implemented the program.

Iowa School Districts Add Lexia Reading Core5 to Address Literacy Needs of Students and Support Legislated Requirements for Progression in Reading promo image

Iowa School Districts Add Lexia Reading Core5 to Address Literacy Needs of Students and Support Legislated Requirements for Progression in Reading

Council Bluffs and Davenport the Latest Districts to Use Lexia’s Program to Meet Requirements of Chapter 62, Accelerate Reading Gains and Close Achievement Gaps   BOSTON (April 6, 2015) – By the end of 2017, the State of Iowa is requiring that third-graders must be reading at or above grade-level or they will face the prospect of an intensive summer school program or repeat the third grade. To meet this mandate and boost the performance of its struggling readers while improving the reading proficiency of all students, Council Bluffs Community School District (Iowa) has chosen to implement Lexia Reading® Core5®. In addition, Davenport Community School District has expanded its use of the research-proven reading program from use in grades K-3 to all students in grades K-5, district-wide. A number of schools in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids join a host of districts including West Burlington, Algona, Spencer, Albia, Mt. Ayre, and Oakland in either implementing Lexia Reading Core5 as part of their personalized reading program or broadly expanding their use of the program this year. 

Lexia Reading Core5 Captures Place Among Top 100 Products in District Administration’s 2013 Readers’ Choice Award Program

Fourth Consecutive Year Lexia Learning Products Honored   BOSTON   Dec. 12, 2013 — Lexia Reading Core5™, the cloud-based personalized learning program that accelerates mastery of foundational reading skills, was selected for the as one of District Administration magazine’s 2013 Readers’ Choice Top 100 products.  Developed by Lexia Learning®, a Rosetta Stone® (NYSE:RST) company, Lexia Reading Core5 was launched in July 2013 and was recognized by District Administration during the product’s first year of eligibility for the award. This recognition also marks the fourth year in a row that Lexia’s technology-based reading programs have been honored by educators as a District Administration Top 100 product.  

Lexia Reading Core5 Selected as Essential Part of Literacy Instruction at Charter Schools in Arkansas, District of Columbia

Personalized Learning Approach Proven Effective in Advancing Foundational Reading Skills for Students of All Abilities in Grades Pre-K–5    BOSTON — Feb. 10, 2014 — As educators strive to strike the right balance between technology and traditional teacher-led instructional methods, KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy in Arkansas and E.L. Haynes Public Charter School in Washington, D.C., are joining thousands of schools nationwide who have turned to Lexia Reading Core5™ to help students accelerate the development of critical foundational literacy skills and help empower higher levels of teacher effectiveness.

More Kansas Schools Selecting Lexia Reading Core5 to Improve Reading Outcomes as Part of Kansas Reading Initiative

 Elementary Schools Have Confidence in Technology-based Reading Instruction   BOSTON —Jan. 14, 2014 — “We are seeing gains!” Just four months after the State of Kansas launched a two-year grant program for improving reading outcomes using Lexia Reading Core5™, Principal Kenneth McWhirter, of Marmaton Valley Elementary School, is reporting better student outcomes using the program. McWhirter’s students join more than 20,000 in 61 districts across the state, including those in Lansing, Galena, Stafford County, and Barber County that have opted-in to the Kansas Reading Initiative. The program provides elementary school students access to personalized reading instruction that is proven to accelerate the development of foundational reading skills and comprehension.