Project RED Launches Phase III

Project RED announces the second iteration of its research. Phase III Project RED research will focus on student achievement, teacher and student behavior and financial findings in the technology rich Signature Districts that followed the Project RED Model Design© for implementation.

To address the critical question of school finance, the Project RED team has created both a project plan model and an ROI Calculator to share with district leaders who join the Project RED learning community. The team has also examined the financial impact of technology and can now share potential savings in 14 areas with Project RED Signature Districts.

There are five key findings the Project RED research reveals about using technology in schools to improve learning performance and financial outcomes.

  1. Personalize learning for all students through frequent, appropriate use of technology integrated with curriculum and instruction in all classrooms and other learning places.
  2. Incorporate “change leadership” consistently throughout the entire process.
  3. Make professional learning and effective use of technology high priorities for administrators and teachers.
  4. Use technologies such as social media, games and simulations to engage students and encourage collaboration.
  5. Use ongoing online (formative) assessments to gauge student learning and then tailor instruction for personalized learning experiences.