Winners of Thingiversity Summer STEAM Challenges Announced

Winners of Thingiversity Summer STEAM Challenges Announced

MakerBot Thingiverse 3D printing design community announces the winners of the Thingiversity Summer STEAM Challenges. The first-place winners in each category were each awarded a MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer.

Challenge 1 - Science: Make It Float

The winning entry was GO-GO AirBoat by David Choi, an electronics designer in Brooklyn, NY. David’s design consists of a 3D printed boat that is rigged with a payload sensor and motor.

Challenge 2 - Technology: Light It Up

The submissions for the Light It Up challenge had to incorporate LED lights for wearing, using, or watching. The winning entry was Solar Hive by Christoph Queck, a mechanical engineering student from Germany.

Challenge 3 - Engineering: Catch the Wind

Participants designed a 3D model that harnesses the power of the wind such as a pinwheel, a bubble-maker, or a kite, to teach the principles of energy transfer and movable assemblies. The winning entry was Wind Energy Stored in Gravity by Mike Blakemore, the CEO of a software development company in Santa Barbara, CA.

Challenge 4 - Art: See the World

The See the World challenge asked participants to create a 3D model of an outdoor landmark from around the world in order to teach how to design from a reference. The winning entry was Vienna Giant Wheel (Riesenrad) by Chris L. from Vienna, Austria.

Challenge 5 - Math: Build a Castle

The goal of this challenge was to make your own 3D printed sand castle molds to showcase innovative use of geometry, mold design, and tessellations. The winning entry was Math at the Beach by Will Webber, a collection of math-based things that can be used to enhance sand castle designs.

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