Long Island Districts Implement ScholarChip®

Long Island Districts Implement ScholarChip®

ScholarChip®, a centralized School and Safety Operations System for K-12 schools, is adding two Long Island school districts to its list of NY-based customers.

ScholarChip’s One Card system permits only verified students, teachers, administrators, and visitors into a school.

“When I served on the Board of Education in Port Jefferson, I realized that schools didn’t have access to very high levels of computing power that were available to science and industry. I established ScholarChip to meet this need,” said Dr. Maged Atiya, ScholarChip’s founder and CTO. “The company is based on Long Island, our employees live on the Island and our children attend local schools. We’re very proud to see how many of our districts have adopted our next-generation technology.”

ScholarChip’s system makes administrative processes more efficient by automating data collection with a smart ID card. Centralizing the management and reporting of attendance, safety, and operations begins with these card-based attendance services:

· Building Attendance: ScholarChip manages building entry and large group entry points quickly. As a student enters the school, a tap of their ID card automatically captures attendance and generates a list of late/absent students.

· Classroom Attendance: Students tap their ID cards upon entering a classroom, which allows teachers to begin the class without taking manual attendance. It also means schools have accurate data. Students may tap out if they leave the class early and tap into the main office/ nurse/guidance office, etc.

· Bus Attendance: Students tap their ID cards onto and off their bus or on the team’s bus for away games, school trips, etc.

· Visitor Management: By centralizing additional aspects of day-to-day school operations, ScholarChip’s turnkey visitor management lets schools grant access to authorized visitors. When guests register with a valid state-issued driver’s license, the application recognizes returning persons, issues passes, and determines both a visitor’s district-defined status and if there is a possible match against publically-available sex offender records. The service also generates automatic alerts to increase campus security.

· Card-based Secure Door Access: Staff members use their ID cards to open locked doors to enter school buildings or portable classrooms; students with disabilities or injuries use their cards to access building elevators.

· Cafeteria Transactions: Point-of-sale, coupled with ScholarChip’s highly secure school payment gateway, allows students to pay as they go, and helps districts track free meal programs.