Edsby Selected by District School Board of Niagara

Edsby Selected by District School Board of Niagara

Edsby® has been chosen to provide communications between teachers, students and parents of students in the area around Niagara Falls.

District School Board of Niagara (DSBN), which includes 88 elementary schools and 18 secondary schools in the 12 municipalities that make up the Niagara Region of Ontario, selected Edsby to facilitate and streamline communication district-wide between administrators, teachers, parents and the region’s 36,000 students so parents and other guardians are informed about their children’s daily progress in school.

“Edsby provides powerful communication tools for our educators that enable them to connect with students and parents through the web, smartphones and tablets,” said Dino Miele, Chief Information Officer of District School Board of Niagara. “It was important for us to choose a solution that embraced the Ontario Ministry of Education’s 'Growing Success' approach to assessment.”

Also important to the district was Edsby’s group collaboration features for professional learning communities, school clubs and teams that can be used to engage teachers, students and even parents at the school level and district-wide.

“We’re very excited to have another Ontario school board use Edsby to enhance how their teachers, students and parents communicate, collaborate and engage,” said John Myers, President of Edsby. “Our strong support for the unique Ontario methodology for assessment facilitates this engagement in a way that is aligned with the ministry guidelines.”