Best of Infocomm Winners

Best of Infocomm Winners

Best of Infocomm Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Best of Infocomm! Below are highlights of these winning products:

Layer Logic, CoreTouch

Whether it’s figuring out the right input on the display, connecting the laptop, uploading the content, or adding the remote participants, there always seems to be some technology getting in the way of the starting the meeting on time. CoreTouch provides a simple and inexpensive way to integrate up to four computers that are simultaneously touch-interactive onto any touchscreen. The judges liked that there was no software to download and the program can work with any OS – simply plug in your device and start sharing.

Sonic Foundry, Mediasite RL Mini

Sonic Foundry introduces the Mediasite RL Mini, proving great lecture capture can come in small packages. The newest member of the company’s classroom-based recording family provides the automation and high-quality capture Mediasite is known for in a compact, affordable device, ensuring even more students never miss a lecture. The RL Mini is fully automated and schedulable, designed to be run from Mediasite Video Platform or Mediasite Video Cloud providing students instant access to valuable video study materials, and providing system administrators everything they need to manage, secure, share, search and track the video content. Though pricey for K-12 at $2,995 the mini is still less than many lecture capture systems, and now includes polls, quizzes, and the ability to annotate.

InFocus , 86” JTouch Plus

The 86-inch JTouch Plus INF8630eAG is the largest open Android-based interactive touch display solution from InFocus, built specifically for K-12 classrooms and higher education spaces. The expansive, 4K, anti-glare display is a solution for presentations, interactive learning, and collaboration, giving users the ability to customize and annotate over documents, browse the web, whiteboard, and run Android applications at the front of the classroom. The judges liked that the touch display works both as a whiteboard and monitor and teachers and students can easily cut/paste documents, post to the board, and annotate the images.

Hall Research, EX-HDU

The EX-HDU allows a user to connect their HDMI + USB from their PC to a wall plate transmitter and have both signals extended to a receiver up to 200 ft away. The patent pending single-gang Wall Plate Sender has a 2-port hub for USB connection and one HDMI input -- no power supply needed. The plug-and-play extender is ideal for interactive displays and KVM extension and is compatible with all PCs, MACs, and Android Tablets and does not require driver installation. Judges thought it was a unique solution as it combines a variety of different products into a simple and easy to integrate kit.

RORYCO, crowdbeamer

Crowdbeamer is a presentation system that streams any HDMI or VGA video signal in real-time to all wirelessly connected portable devices. One crowdbeamer can broadcast to up to 175 different smart clients (smartphones, tablets and portables). Using a free app - available for all major operating systems - the audience can capture the presentation, add personal notes, and export the content to other business apps. That audience engagement helps presenters create long-term impact with their message. Judges like that users can connect to a private network and can easily download the app and see the presentation on their devices. They can then save the presentation to their cameras or export the pdf and save to Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Chief, Electric Height Adjust Mounts

Chief’s new electric height adjust series provides greater accessibility to interactive technology. New cart, floor-support and wall mounts have a 310 lb (140.6 kg) weight capacity to support heavy-duty interactive displays, and also give an option to users who may prefer an electric solution over non-motorized. Judges thought these features made it ideal for schools since it can easily adjust from kindergarten to high school heights.

Crestron Electronics Inc., DM NVX Series with Dante Support

Engineered in the Crestron DigitalMedia Lab, DM-NVX is the only secure network AV solution that now supports Danteand AES67. The exclusive, patent-pending technology eliminates the latency associated with network video. DM-NVX provides a high performance, real-time AV encoder or decoder that transports 4K60 4:4:4 video over standard Gigabit Ethernet and enables fully-scalable, enterprise-wide 4K content distribution.

Crestron Electronics Inc., Crestron AirBoard

AirBoard enables viewing of electronic whiteboard content on any display device, thereby solving the problem of remote participants not being able to see the whiteboard unless they're seated with a direct line of sight. AirBoard is essentially a camera on an arm that attaches to any electronic whiteboard via the included mounting kit. With PoE, only a single Ethernet cable to the LAN is required for video, communication, and power. The AirBoard is deal for distance learning.

Crestron Electronics Inc., Media Presentation Controller M5

Crestron® MPC is a family of 2-Series control systems designed for installation in a wall or podium. Perfect for classrooms, meeting rooms, lecture halls, and training facilities, the MPC-M5 provides a fully-programmable user interface featuring an attractive and intuitive layout of pushbuttons with customizable backlit labeling and wireless remote capability.

Clevertouch, Plus Series

Clevertouch’s Plus Series includes easy-to-use LUX software and an intuitive walk-up-and-use experience. Connectivity is a cornerstone of the Plus Series; its open platform enables teachers to share content or media from any connected tablet, smartphone or laptop directly onto the Plus screen. The Plus Series comes with Snowflake MultiTeach and Lessons Online software, featuring a diverse range of predesigned lessons. Every Plus Series comes with the Cleverstore - a vetted collection of teaching apps that are free to download with no in-app purchases or advertisements.

ViewSonic NMP660 Chromebox

The ViewSonic NMP660 Chromebox can transform any Google classroom into a collaborative learning hub or provide content management as a signage player and desktop virtualization solution for conference rooms. Paired with the company’s ViewBoard family of interactive flat panel displays or any ViewSonic display, the NMP660 Chromebox delivers a complete and secure Chrome OS and Google Play™ experience. The NMP660 Chromebox offers a quick out-of-the-box set-up, integrated Google management console and built-in security features, making it an ideal solution for educational environments.

Sharp Electronics Corporation PN-UH601/701

Sharp’s new 70" Class (69 43/64" diagonal) PN-UH701 and 60" Class (60 5/64" diagonal) PN-UH601 commercial displays are ideal for education environments. The true-to-life precision of 4K Ultra-HD resolution enables students and faculty to see subtler textures and finer details. The PN-UH701/601 displays have a powerful RS-232C command set, which permits flexible remote control capabilities from connected devices. They also come with lockout capabilities including a public mode function for instructors and school administrators to control who is viewing the content.