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Follett Acquires Fishtree Adaptive Learning Platform

Follett Acquires Fishtree Adaptive Learning Platform

Follett today announced that it has acquired Fishtree, an adaptive learning platform that streamlines both the technical integration and educational adoption of personalized learning in school classrooms. Follett will integrate the machine-based learning tools of Fishtree within Follett’s Destiny content and resource management platform used by more than 70,000 schools and school districts across North America. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

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The Fishtree platform brings together district-wide resources for every subject, aligns them to any standard or competency and then personalizes the experience for each student based on specific learning profiles.

Educators can build engaging lessons with resources from digital texts, user developed content, open resources and real-time content. These resources are automatically aligned and lessons personalized with deep insights into achievement gaps and efficacy. Teachers can build their own assessments, draw from other assessments, and auto-build assessments from content.