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Follett’s Aspen SIS Attains Ed-Fi Certification Status

Follett’s Aspen SIS Attains Ed-Fi Certification Status

Follett today announced it has successfully completed the Ed-Fi Data Standard Certification for its Aspen Student Information System (SIS). Developed by a community of ed-tech experts and technologists, the Ed-Fi Data Standard is a set of rules for the collection, management, and organization of educational data that allows multiple systems to exchange this information seamlessly.

Follett’s Aspen Student Information System hosts and manages student data, safely and securely stores data such as class schedules, student performance, health records, and athletic eligibility, and allows educators to monitor student progress, implement new curriculum, and communicate with parents.

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Ed-Fi certifications allow product developers to demonstrate a product’s fidelity to Ed-Fi standards and guidelines, and for purchasers or users to be confident that a product conforms to those same Ed-Fi standards and guidelines. The program’s goal is to ensure that systems can inter-operate and exchange data using Ed-Fi standards and technology.