Insight ADVANCE Launches Updated Video Coaching Software for Educators at ISTE

Insight ADVANCE Launches Updated Video Coaching Software for Educators at ISTE

Insight ADVANCE, today announced a collection of updates to its observation, coaching, and evaluation software.

The Insight ADVANCE Suite, including ADVANCEcalibrate®, ADVANCEfeedback®, and ADVANCElearn, offers educators the opportunity to improve their practice through video-based self-reflection, peer-to-peer collaboration, and coaching. Educators can use uploaded videos of their practice – classroom instruction, coaching conversations or professional development – to share with colleagues and coaches for detailed and specific feedback. Users of the ADVANCE Suite will now will be able to network with one another to leverage a broader set of coaching resources.

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ADVANCEcalibrate® users complete video-based calibration exercises and can connect with peers within their district or around the country.

New features in ADVANCEcalibrate include:

  • Easier tracking of results from broad assessments of observer alignment;
  • Immediate feedback available to participants upon completion of a video rating exercise;
  • Data designed to inform professional development and calibration practices for observers.
  • Using alignment data to inform targeted areas of improvement.

New features in ADVANCEfeedback include:

  • The ability for administrators to create inter-organizational groups of users to collaborate;
  • Increased flexibility in user management and permissions;
  • Improved video management tools and workflows for observations; and
  • Configurable pre- and post- observation surveys.

At the ISTE Conference in Chicago from June 24–27, Insight ADVANCE will be exhibiting and demonstrating the ADVANCE Suite at booth 2286.