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Today's Newsletter: Snow Days Over Cyber-Days

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One of the biggest promises—or some would say threats—of flipped classroom/blended learning school strategies in winters past was the death of the snow day. Goodbye snowmen and hot chocolate and hello MOOCs! A cursory glance at the Tech&Learning newsfeeds after last week’s East Coast bomb cyclone suggests that transformation has been more hype than hope. The only mention we could find was schools deciding NOT to partake in e-learning days. According to the Rhode Island Providence Journal, not a single school took advantage of a new state law that to offer virtual instruction during snow days or other emergencies. The reasons? Reality: “The language in teacher contracts is clear: teachers work 180 days plus professional development days. When you have kids doing assignments online, how are teachers going to be compensated and held accountable?” Our advisor Lisa Nielsen provides some rational thoughts on the subject here. I’d like to think people just prefer snowmen.—Kevin Hogan, Content Director

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