Lenovo Launches Cloud-Based Classroom Orchestration Platform

Lenovo Launches Cloud-Based Classroom Orchestration Platform

Lenovo today launched LanSchool Air, a cloud-based classroom orchestration platform that aims to help teachers keep students engaged in a safe online environment. Designed to meet the instructional needs of connected classrooms, LanSchool Air minimizes digital distractions, keeps students focused and on track and increases collaboration in the classroom

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LanSchool Air is available for use in single classrooms as well as entire school districts. Compatible with a Google Classroom™ account, the subscription-based platform can support a variety of tasks:

  • Push Website allows teachers to instantly launch the same webpage on every classroom device, eliminating the need to retype, correct or walk around to help students navigate to the correct URL.
  • Thumbnail Monitoring gives teachers thumbnail views of all student screens, easily seeing what students are working on and identify when additional assistance is required.
  • Web Limiting keeps students on task by limiting web browsing to approved websites through whitelisting and by blocking unwanted websites via blacklisting.
  • Blank Screens empowers teachers to blank all student screens, and lockdown keyboards and mice, with one click.
  • Snapshot lets instructors take screenshots of student screens, whether to showcase great work or share activities during parent-teacher conferences.

A valid Google Classroom™ account is required to start a free 30-day trial of LanSchool Air. Once Google Classroom™ integrates with LanSchool Air, all updates made within Google Classroom automatically sync to the classroom orchestration platform.

For more information and to start a free trial, visit www.lanschoolair.com.