Lexia Reading Core5 App to Integrate with Apple’s Schoolwork App

Lexia Reading Core5 App to Integrate with Apple’s Schoolwork App

Lexia Reading Core5 (Core5) will integrate directly with Schoolwork, a new iPad app from Apple that helps teachers create assignments and handouts and see student progress from their district or school-managed iPads.

Lexia Learning is making 78 of Core5’s Lexia Skill Builders (Skill Builders)—pencil and paper-based activities designed to reinforce and extend literacy learning—available to teachers and students through Schoolwork. Schoolwork will allow teachers to assign interactive versions of Skill Builders from the Core5 app and to see how students perform on those assignments online without printing. Because Schoolwork is built with privacy in mind, the app only receives and displays student progress data for activities a teacher explicitly assigns and only when students use the Managed Apple ID that was created for them by their school on their device.

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The integration of Core5 into Schoolwork also helps teachers and students more effectively use the creative power of iPad, as students can mark up or type text into the Skill Builder and send it back to their teacher. Students using iPads that support Apple Pencil will also be able to use either an Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon to write directly in the Skill Builder activity as teachers use Schoolwork to tailor teaching to the needs of individual students.

Core5 is a technology-based program that aims to accelerates the development of fundamental literacy skills for students of all abilities in grades pre-K–5.

Over the last five years, Lexia has helped bring actionable student performance data to iPhone, introduced Core5 for iPad users, and launched on Apple Watch.