LocateMySchool Provides School Boundary Maps and More

LocateMySchool Provides School Boundary Maps and More

LocateMySchool™, a web-based, interactive, software-as-a-service developed by Planware, a division of Educational Data Systems, now provides 24/7 access to important school boundary information, directions from an entered address, and contact info in one application.


LocateMySchool provides:

*Single platform offering access to colorful, layered school boundary maps and customized locations such as bus stops, crossing guards, daycare or after-school centers, and sports venues;

*Familiar Google Maps interface delivering walking, biking, or driving directions from any entered address within the district;

*Multi-language support and Google Translate features; and

*Live customer service and support.

Districts can also use LocateMySchool to provide a visual display of different or proposed boundary scenarios for presentation to boards, committees, parents, and the public for review.

For more information and pricing for LocateMySchool, visit EdData.com/LocateMySchool.