Misty Robotics Launches Educator Program for New Misty II Programmable Robot

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Misty Robotics announces the Misty II robot, a programmable and affordable personal robot made for developers, makers and STEM educators/students.

With Misty II, educators and students can explore:

  • Face/object detection and recognition (for a few students or a whole class)
  • Computer mapping and navigation
  • Human-computer interaction (How can you make Misty express joy or curiosity?)
  • Remote viewing and communication

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As part of the new “Misty II for the Classroom” program, the company is offering two ways for students and educators to get the Misty II robot at a discount:

For Educators: Misty Robotics offers quantity discounts:

  • Discount of $200 per robot on orders from 3 to 9 robots
  • Discount of $300 per robot on orders from 10 to 20 robots
  • Each referral from a qualified educator or STEM group leader will pay out $200 per person referred

For Students:

  • New bundle offer during 30-day presales campaign features the Misty II robot and Sphero’s SPRK+ now available for $1,699. The bundle offer is only available until May 31st.