Bretford ( announced its new Juice Mobile Power, an active charging station that eliminates non-compliant, overloaded extension cords by delivering a safe way to turn a single wall outlet into a power source for the entire classroom or office, at a fraction of the cost of a retrofit. Juice Mobile Power detects foreign objects and instantly powers down to ensure safety, powering up once the object has been removed from the powered surface.

The mobiLAB EC32S Economy Charge Cart by eduGear ( is a budget-friendly solution for everyday device management. It is designed for Chromebooks and Notebooks of up to 15 inches and can hold up to 32 devices, making it ideal for larger classrooms. The cart’s compact design (32 inches wide, 29 inches deep, and 37 inches high) and its 5-inch swivel casters make it easy to transport devices in crowded corridors or small spaces.

The EC32S provides cable management and four power strips with outlets that are compatible with almost any A/C adaptor. The EC32S also includes enclosures to store power bricks if needed. The cart’s “Smart Charge” technology protects devices while providing maximum charging power so schools don’t have to worry about overloading classroom circuits. The carts are UL-certified, have a lifetime warranty on parts, a limited 3-year warranty on electrical, and a $0 Cost of Ownership Guarantee.

The Tech Tub2 Stacking Cart is one of the newest members of the Tech Tub2 ( family. It’s designed to charge and store up to 24 iPads, Chromebooks, and other tablets in one compact footprint. The cart includes four Tech Tubs that hold six devices each, a sturdy steel frame, a power timer (requires one outlet), and an optional model with USB hubs that sync and charge iPads.

The cart’s design makes it easy to move devices throughout a school and to maneuver easily around desks and chairs in the classroom. The Tech Tubs can also be unclipped from one another and placed around the class to reduce deployment bottlenecks.

Revolution 32 Charging Cabinet by LocknCharge ( Charge, store, and secure up to 32 of almost any laptop, Chromebook, or tablet device up to a 17” screen size. The ultra-durable Revolution 32 Cabinet makes the most of its compact size, taking up only half the footprint of a traditional charging cart while still holding a similar number of devices.

This stationary, cabinet-style charging station is perfect for 1:1 mobile device programs where devices stay in the classroom overnight. Bricks and cables are hidden in two spacious compartments, keeping them secure yet easy to access when needed. Charging cables hang down in front of devices, allowing users to plug them in quickly and easily after each use. Cords drop down from individual holes and will never become tangled. Schools no longer have to worry about being stuck with an outdated charging cabinet. Removable racks allow this cabinet to adapt to future needs as devices change or new technology (including STEM/STEAM) is added.