New Content Added to Discovery Education’s Digital Services

New Content Added to Discovery Education’s Digital Services
(Image credit: Discovery Education)

Discovery Education, whose Math Techbook won Techlearning's 2017 Award of Excellence, announced today it has added new digital assets to its supplemental and digital textbooks:

  • All new Shark Week 2018 resources: Three new instructional resources from Discovery Channel’s Shark Week 2018 are now live in the Science Techbook and featured in a curated content collection within Discovery Education Streaming Plus. The new resources include Monster Tag, which follows a group of well-known athletes as they join forces with top shark scientists to learn about the ocean’s top predators; Great White Abyss, which features a team of experts visiting Great White hotspot Guadalupe Island to look for the biggest sharks of their kind; and Great White Shark Babies which follows experts as they use genetics to identify mother sharks and their pups.

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  • Speak Truth to Power: Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights (RFK Human Rights) and Discovery Education have launched Speak Truth to Power– a new initiative to inspire students and teachers to champion justice in their communities. The program offers multi-platform online learning tools, with digital resources including: an interactive map, video vignettes, biographies and classroom activities.
  • Energy 101 series: Now available in Discovery Education Streaming Plus and the Science Techbook, 22 new videos from the Energy 101 series highlight the next generation of clean, sustainable energy technologies. Students will learn about biofuels, electric vehicles, cool roofs, energy efficient data centers, clean energy manufacturing, and more.
  • This Is A.I.: New from the Discovery Channel, This Is A.I. looks at how artificial intelligence is changing the world, the scientists who are shaping it, and the lives affected by this nascent technology. This Is A.I. is now available in Discovery Education Streaming, Science Techbook, and STEM Connect.
  • Ignite My Future Webisodes: Computational thinking is not just about computers. In four new webisodes produced by Discovery Education and Tata Consultancy Services as part of the Ignite My Future program, educators learn practical strategies for helping students solve real-world problems using computational thinking. Available in Discovery Education Streaming Plus, the Science Techbook, and STEM Connect.
  • Siemens STEM Day Career Profile series: Available now in Discovery Education Streaming Plus, the Science Techbook and STEM Connect, four new additions to this career profile series feature a senior technical instructor, lathe operator, senior quality engineer, and project manager.

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