New Math Tutoring App Launches with Free Access for Low Income Families

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Today, the Milestone Math App launched in the iTunes App Store. Elie Venezky, creator of the app, made Milestone to address persistent anxiety around math.

“The way schools teach math is ill-suited for success on standardized tests, which should be obvious by how poorly most students do on the math sections of standardized tests.” On the 2017 NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress), only 33% of 8th graders were proficient at math at grade level.

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The Milestone Math app is for 4th-8th graders and is available for download for free until May 31, 2018. After that date, Milestone will be available for a monthly subscription price. However, it will continue to be available for free on an ongoing basis to students who attend schools where a majority of the students lives below the poverty line.

To download the Milestone Math app in the Apple App Store, go to: