Pitsco Education Brings Robotics to K-2 Classrooms

Pitsco Education Brings Robotics to K-2 Classrooms

Pitsco Education announced today an exclusive partnership with KUBO Robotics to bring KUBO, a simple, intuitive, plug-and-learn robot, to K-2 classrooms across the U.S.

KUBO Coding Solution Features:

  • EASY TO ADOPT: Without any screens or software, KUBO removes the common barriers that many primary school teachers face when embedding technology skills into the curriculum. The solution is up and running in five minutes, with no previous experience required.
  • UNIQUE TAGTILE™ SYSTEM: Offers students new ways to learn — it’s as simple as snapping together the pieces of a puzzle.
  • HIGH CURRICULUM RELEVANCE TO MAXIMIZE LEARNING OUTCOMES: While KUBO introduces the basics of computational thinking by covering sequences, functions, subroutines and loops, its expandable solution covers multiple curriculum subjects, such as language, science and mathematics, in an open-ended, hands-on way.
  • EASY TO DIFFERENTIATE: KUBO takes students from simple to advanced levels of programming and computational thinking.

Availability and Upcoming Initiatives:

Beginning April 2018, the KUBO K-2 coding solution will be available for purchase in a single set and a four-pack throughout the U.S., exclusively through Pitsco Education at www.pitsco.com.