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Pivot Interactives’ New Online Library of Chemistry Experiments Introduced

Students can explore chemistry concepts, vary parameters, and make measurements using a real-world interactive science video platform
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College and high school students can now explore real-life chemistry concepts and vary parameters using Pivot Interactives’ new chemistry library. Students select among experimental variables to choose a video and then collect data of their choosing using custom tools. Built-in graphing and analysis tools help students draw their own conclusions about what they have measured.

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Pivot Interactives' cloud-based web app can be accessed 24/7 using any web-connected device, including a computer,Chromebook™ or iPad. Pivot Interactives includes an existing physics video library in addition to the newly added chemistry video library. The videos incorporate on-screen instruction, experiments with multiple solutions, and interactive tools to perform experiments like acid-base titration, density of metal, and volume versus pressure. Students can also take measurements using embedded rulers and stopwatches and then graph that data within the online app.

To learn more about Pivot Interactives, visit www.vernier.com/pivot. Vernier Software & Technology is the exclusive distributor of Pivot Interactives.