Promethean Expands Educational Display Portfolio

Promethean Expands Educational Display Portfolio

PrometheanTM, a global education technology company, announced expansions to its interactive flat panel portfolio which includes the ActivPanel® and ActivPanel® i-Series. The ActivPanel offers a natural writing experience using InGlassTM technology, while the ActivPanel i-Series is an interactive flat panel for customers looking to replace their projector-based systems with a long-term solution.

The ActivPanel automatically detects differences between pen, touch, and palm erase. The new instant whiteboard allows free-form writing with practically no script-lag, pinch-zoom navigation, and pre-loaded teaching tools.

Available in 65-inch, 70-inch, 75-inch, and 86-inch sizes, the ActivPanel provides teacher-controlled wireless screen sharing, connection to Bluetooth® devices for hands-on learning, access to free educational apps, compatibility with third-party device management software, central management by IT administrators.

The ActivPanel i-Series offers a bright, high-resolution display that does not dim over time. Schools have an option to add the ActivConnect® AndroidTM module to enable a tablet-like Android user interface and access to teaching tools such as the instant white board, screen sharing, and free educational apps. The ActivPanel i-Series is a maintenance-free solution available in 65-inch and 75-inch sizes.

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