QwertyTown Announces Upgrades

QwertyTown Announces Upgrades

QwertyTown 2.0 maintains its keyboarding and digital literacy fundamentals while incorporating a range of new features and upgrades.

QwertyTown is a web-based keyboarding app that teaches typing, digital literacy, and online communication skills through gamification features, social motivation and engaging lessons and challenges.

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QwertyTown 2.0 was rebuilt from the ground up in HTML5 making it compatible on any device, including Chromebooks, tablets, PCs and Macs.

In the new feature Head2Head, students face off and test their typing skills in a competitive duel. H2H will also be a free stand alone app offered in the Chrome Store for those students looking for a taste of the QwertyTown 2.0 experience.

For educators, QwertyTown now offers a robust set of progress reports that deliver a wide range of data. Educators can run customizable reports and download them in CSV format.

For a free 30 trial visit: www.qwertytown.com