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RoboKind Introduces Jett, STEM Curriculum

RoboKind Introduces Jett, STEM Curriculum

RoboKind, the creators of robots4autism and Milo, today introduced Jett, the coding and programming robot, along with the robots4STEM curriculum designed to teach all students, including those with disabilities. Jett is the younger sibling of RoboKind’s facially expressive robot Milo, and provides all students, including those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), the opportunity to explore STEM, coding, and programming.

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Jett includes a curriculum of ready-made lessons that don’t require teachers to become coders or have any previous experience or background with coding. The project-based, self-paced continuum of learning starts with simple lessons and progresses to complex topics. Students self-direct their learning. To get started, each student learns visual/block-coding basics through programming their virtual avatar, and when the code on-screen is correct, the student sends the commands to the robot, which executes what it has been told to do.

To learn more about Jett, sign up for a free trail and a demo. Also, follow Jett on Twitter or Facebook.