The Epson BrightLink 710Ui is a short-throw 3LCD WUXGA laser projector, featuring 4,000lumens and a finger-touch interactive module. It also comes with two interactive pens, batteries, a wall mount, and a code for a one-year SMART Learning Suite subscription.

Quality and Effectiveness: With 4,000 lumens, the BrightLink 710Ui is bright enough for larger classrooms or rooms with poor lighting, and the 3LCD technology produces a clean, crisp 1920x1200 WUXGA full HD image in a variety of environments. It’s a short throw projector, so users will appreciate not having a glaring light in their faces while using the device. The projector includes a surface-mounted interactive module that enables up to eight users to interact with the image simultaneously—six points of touch plus two pens—so more students can be engaged.

Ease of Use: The directions for installing the wall plate are very straightforward, with a worksheet to make the calculations to install it in the proper location. Because the image size ranges from 70 to 100 diagonal inches, installation on a large, flat classroom wall is an option. Once installed, the projector is very easy to start using. It starts up quickly and reaches full brightness in no time. If necessary, the image can be calibrated easily with the included remote. The interactive module works very well on a smooth, flat surface, which is great for multiple students interacting with the image at the same time. Since the projector has built-in interactive software, a computer connection is not required. But the one-year SMART Learning Suite subscription, which is included in the package, takes it to another level. Furthermore, since the projector is a lampless LCD, it can turn on and off almost instantly. This is great for classrooms that may have multiple users since there’s no waiting for a lamp to cool down for a restart.

Creative Use of Technology: The BrightLink 710Ui’s comes with a nice array of accessories to expand its capabilities. These include a wireless module, external speakers, and wall-mounted control modules.

Overall Rating: With its interactivity and large, crisp images, this projector will fit into multiple educational environments and roomscenarios.

epson.com Retail Price: $2,699.00 through the Epson Brighter Futures program