TechPilot Labs Releases Parent Portal for Chrome and iOS

TechPilot Labs Releases Parent Portal for Chrome and iOS

Today, TechPilot Labs is releasing the Parent Portal add-on for their Apple MDM and Chromebook classroom management system.

TechPilot’s Parent Portal provides parents the capability to manage their child’s Apple device or Chromebook during non-school hours as configured by the school or district.

With Parent Portal parents can:

- Disable browsing during curfew hours

- Restrict browsing to a single website needed to complete an assignment

- Temporarily disable browsing by locking the screen for a period of time

- Restrict usage to only a specific set of apps (iPad only)

- Create and enforce a website block list

- Manage multiple child devices independently

Parent Portal is a free add-on available to all districts utilizing TechPilot’s SchoolMDM or ChromeTools management platform.

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TechPilot supports all Apple platforms and Google’s Chrome. For more information or to schedule a live demo visit